Our Story

We've gone to a lot of trials events, and one thing is pretty obvious: you'll see a lot of people wearing motocross gear. Ask people why they're not in trials gear, and you'll typically get one of these two responses: it's either "The graphics are too flashy" or, more often than not, it's "I don't want to look like 10 pounds of flour in a 5 pound sack!"

Simply put, a lot of trials outerwear is just too busy and too tight for the taste of most average riders.

So, our story is pretty simple: we're trying to make products for trials and trail that feature smart design and classic looks. Our TNT Pants are a great example: excellent mobility, simple, clean colorways, and fitment that flatters virtually any body shape.

We're also trying to think outside the box, looking to make improvements in areas others overlook. Our Slowhand gloves are the first ever trials glove to use Cabretta leather in the palms to give you a fantastic, tactile feel.

Our goal is to give you a timeless, "put together"look with superior functionality.

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